Catering Supplies

Catering Supplies


6.5” Bun Plate

8” Dessert Plate

9” Starter Plate

10” Main Plate

9” Pasta Bowl

Tea Cup


Coffee Pot

Tea Cup


Small Milk Jug

Large Milk Jug

Small Dessert Bowl

Coffee Pot

Tea Pot

Salt & Pepper Shakers

1/4 Pint Gravy Boat

Flat Oval Bowl

9 3/4” Rectangular Plate

10 1/2” Square Plate

Condiment Dipping Bowl

6oz Champagne Flute

6oz Juice Glass

12oz Slim Jim

7oz Martini Glass

Red Wine Glass

White Wine Glass

4oz Sherry Glass

2oz Shot Glass

Water Bottle with Cap

Water Jug

Ice Bucket

Steel Drinks Tray

Non Slip Drinks Trey

Bar Mat

Bottle Openers

Speed Pourers

Kings Cutlery

A Timeless Forever Classic Style For Any Event

Gold Cutlery

Modern Look With A Very Styles Finish. Dine In Style

Jesmond Cutlery

Contemporary Design

Hot Water Urn

Tandoori Clay Oven

Rotary Toaster

Great For Breakfast Mornings

Electric Hot Cuppord


Chaffing Dish with Fule

Ideal For Any Event Large Or Small

Cold Drinks Dispenser

Waste Bins